VIDEO: Detectives blow up front door to arrest Kent homicide suspect

Kent police detectives and Valley SWAT arrested a man in Graham on June 15 who they say was wanted in connection to an April homicide that happened in a cemetery. 

Video shared with FOX 13 shows moments before the arrest at a Graham apartment. Law enforcement can be heard using a megaphone, telling the suspect to move away from the front door. 

After that announcement, an explosion followed by a blast of flames can be seen coming from the front door of the apartment. 

Law enforcement can then be heard demanding the suspect come out with his hands in the air. 

The 24-year-old was arrested without incident. 

According to Kent police, the suspect was in possession of handguns at the time of his arrest and was out on bail from a previous weapons charge.

He was wanted for the deadly shooting of a 25-year-old Tacoma man that occurred on April 7. According to Kent police, the suspect and the victim were in Hillcrest Cemetery in Kent when a fight broke out, escalating to gunfire. The victim was hit several times and was pronounced dead at the scene.