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SEATTLE -- The NFC Championship got the blood pumping for many Seattle fans perhaps it even inspired to get more active or renew your New Year's resolutions to get fit? Well here are a few apps that can help you get back on the resolution bandwagon.

If motivation to workout is your problem then look no further: zombies, run! 2 is an app that sets you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. It utilizes your own music playlists as a narrator talks you through more than 100 missions. You’ll collect things to help build a virtual base that you can track on your smartphone. The biggest benefit for me was the interval training it slips into the story because you never know when you’ll run into a zombie horde and  have to put on a burst of speed. Like I said, motivation anyone? That’s available on the iphone and android phones for $3.99.

If you don’t have access to a gym or trainer but want the benefits of a boot camp type workout – check out Obstacles XRT. It stands for extreme reality training. It lets you transform wherever you are into an extreme obstacle course. These plyometric based workouts use your body weight and interval training to help you tone up. The app is available on iPhones and android phones for a cool $1.99.

The last training app is something called Abs Trainer and it does exactly that. It's from the good people at Azumio – they have a number of fab fitness and health apps on the market. The abs trainer series works on toning your core with workouts designed around your experience level and desired results – start with the “beach ready” workout and gradually progress to the “six pack club” and all the way to the “hottie” workout. Plus it reminds you when you haven’t worked out…just like my trainer…it's also available on the iPhone and its $2.99

There are also a few tracking apps, you've got FitJourney where you can literally see the pounds come off. It uses pictures to track your progress. It will cost you free dollars (yep its free) and its available on the iPhone.

My Fitness Pal is a diet and calorie counter that lets you track your calories, set calorie goals and record your daily food and exercise. Find that on ios for free.

And finally a great app that I use on the daily called Map My Run and it does that and more. It uses your phones built-in GPS to record where you run, walk, or bike so you can take those routes again plus it suggests new routes in the area. It also has a place to log your food intake and works with the activity log to determine your calorie budget for the day. Its available on the iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, and Blackberry and its free.

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