VIDEO: K9 tracks down burglary suspect hiding in mud to evade capture

Three people have been arrested, thanks, in part, to a Pierce County Sheriff's Department K9 who helped track one of the suspects trying to stay hidden in a muddy marsh. 

On Jan. 30 around 3 p.m., deputies responded to the area of 302nd St. Ct. S in Roy for reports of a home burglary. 

The homeowner interrupted them mid-burglary, and the suspects quickly left and drove off. 

However, the car got stuck in the mud on someone's lawn as they tried to escape. The woman driving the car stayed at the scene but two men ran off. 

Deputies were able to quickly arrest and detain one suspect, but another had gotten out of their view.

They deployed K9 Bronco to track the man down. 

He was found shortly after in an area with tall grass and mud. Deputies say it appeared he tried to hide himself among the brush by covering himself in grass and mud.  

He was detained and taken into custody.

All three suspects were charged with one count of residential burglary. They were identified as Miranda Bonifeld, Solomon Blue Tucker and Son Kim. Kim was the suspect located by K9 Bronco. 

Tucker and Kim's bonds were set at $100,000 and $150,000, respectively.

More charges could be filed.