Video resurfaces of King County Council candidate threatening bus full of kids

A video from 2010 has resurfaced of a now King County Council candidate threatening a bus full of students, claiming she had a bomb.

In the video, obtained by The Post Millennial, Ubax Gardheere boards a Highline School District bus full of middle school students and tells the driver there is a "national security incident." She advises the driver that he cannot leave. 

"How do you know what I have? I might have a bomb," she said to the driver – a claim she later repeated to the students. She also suggested she might have a gun hidden under her clothing. 

Children are seen running out of the emergency exit on the bus as Gardheere screams "Cowards! Cowards! Cowards!" 

The video continues to roll as a King County Sheriff's Deputy boards the bus and raises a weapon, instructing Gardheere to exit. 

"If you choose not to get off the bus I’m going to drop you right here as we stand, you understand that?" he said. 

Gardheere, who was 29-years-old at the time, was initially charged with felony threats to bomb. While some court documents for the case are sealed, they suggest Gardheere underwent a psychological evaluation. She later pleaded to the misdemeanor crime of harassment. 

In the years since the incident, Gardheere was hired by the City of Seattle as the "equities strategy manager" under former Mayor Ed Murray. She has spoken publicly about her struggles with postpartum depression and suggested her mental health was criminalized in the 2010 ordeal. 

Reagan Dunn, the Republican county councilman who holds the seat that Gardheere is running for, said the incident should not be used against her. 

"I think that one incident, many years ago, may not define how somebody is today. I personally have someone very close to me that was suffering from postpartum depression and it was very, very scary what they were thinking about doing, so for me, I think, there's an opportunity for Ubax to give a voice to those who suffer from postpartum depression. I'm not really all that worried about it. I think people make mistakes. It's their conduct moving forward that is important and I think that's what voters should be focused on," Dunn said. 

Q13 News has reached out to Gardheere's campaign for an interview. 

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