Video shows police officer making 'kiss noises' right before shooting puppy with wagging tail

CLEBURNE, Texas (KDAF) -- Sadly, the tape doesn't lie. A Texas police video shows an Cleburne Police officer firing three shots at a seven-month-old pit bull wagging his tail. It's hard to watch.

"Why? I just don't understand why," owner Amanda Henderson said.

She also wants to know why it sounds like the officer is making kiss noises right before he killed Maximus.

"Every shot makes me go (cringes) and you can even hear him "

Now, that officer is on paid administrative leave, perhaps because of all the death threats he's been receiving on social media.

"Some threats that indicate that his family may not be safe and we take that extremely seriously. Again, we want to reiterate we`re not going to tolerate vigilantism in Cleburne," Cleburne Mayor Scott Cain said.

It all started with a 911 call from a woman saying she was trapped in her car by three dogs. When the cop showed up, his body cam recorded him petting one of the dogs.

"I haven't witnessed any aggressive behavior," he said on his walkie-talkie.

But did something change? Minutes later, three shots rang out.

Neighbor Tatiana Martinez says she was there that day. "They told us that the dog was dead in front of the kids. Animal control said that the cop had reported that Max had charged at him."

Charging? According to the video, it looks like Max was wagging his tail.

"In the video you don`t see any aggressive action from our dogs. We don't raise our pets that way," Henderson said.

Henderson and her husband say they're considering a lawsuit.

The city is bringing in the Texas Rangers to investigate this disturbing canine case.