VIDEO: Witness describes Capitol shooting

(CNN) -- Uniformed secret service agent first encountered the woman in the black car near the White House, a federal law enforcement source tells John King.

An intelligence source tells Deb Feyerick the car was stopped at a White House checkpoint and words were exchanged between the woman and an officer blocking access. Driver initially ignored demands to turn away from the restricted zone, the source says.

The driver sped away, both sources said.

Per protocol, the presidential protective detail was immediately notified because of the proximity to the White House.

Close to the Capitol, the woman's car hit a police cruiser, injuring the officer inside and the airbag in that police car deployed, the intelligence source says.

Because of the driver refused to stop and drove in a threatening manner -- and the location -- use of force was authorized, according to the law enforcement source.

Multiple shots fired, per both sources.

Multiple sources tell CNN it is not believed at this point that any shots were fired from the car.

The driver was hit . A child in the car was removed by police.