Wackiest half-court shot ever? Gonzaga student hits it big with lucky bounce (VIDEO)

SPOKANE - You think a shot like this would make you more than $500.

A Gonzaga student got some luck from a weird bounce Monday night during a half-court shot contest at the SMU vs. Gonzaga men's basketball game in Spokane.

The student tossed the ball too high, but it bounced off the backboard's edge into the air and somehow landed back through the hoop.

"Where did it go?" the announcer asked on first bounce.

According to SBnation.com, the shot made the student $500 richer, money that he allegedly planned to spend at the bar.

The shot was so whacky and rare, it was nominated as a Sportscenter Top 10 play.

Gonzaga, on the other hand, didn't need luck. They beat SMU 72-56.