Waiting for a win: Many dog breeds yearn for 1st Westminster 'Best in Show'

NEW YORK -- Dozens of dog breeds are still waiting for a win as the Westminster Kennel Club prepares celebrates its 140th 'Best in Show' on Tuesday night.

The breeds are as rare as Dandie Dinmont terriers and as familiar as Labrador retrievers, the nation's most popular purebred dog. 

Some fanciers feel it's an uphill battle. They cite reasons ranging from early round competition within their breed groups to simply not being as eye-catching as some other breeds tend to be. 

But show organizers say anything can happen. Four of the last 10 bests in show have been first in their breed to win. 

They were an affenpinscher, a Scottish deerhound, a Sussex spaniel and a colored bull terrier.

Meanwhile, wire fox terriers hold the Westminster record with 14 bests in show.