Washington 6-12 students return to school for the first time in over a year

On Monday, April 19, tens of thousands of middle and high school students across Washington state returned to classrooms for the first time in more than a year. 

Back in March, Gov. Jay Inslee signed a proclamation that ordered districts to bring back all students for in-person learning at some capacity by April 19. Most schools have opted for a hybrid model of part in-person learning and part remote learning. 

"I’ve been pretty anxious to get back in class. You know, it’s nice being around students. It’s hard online to connect with people for sure," said Lake Washington High School 11th grader Cyrus Chapman. 
Even though students are back to a certain degree, there are new changes in districts students and staff will have to abide by, like wearing a mask at all times, keeping a distance and undergoing health screenings before they enter the building.

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Despite the happiness in-person learning can bring, expert anxiety and depression doctor, Dr. Gregg Jantz, said students may have a very stressful time to start

"We may suspect to see some high anxiety with our kids. they need reassurance.  they need a positive word from us," Jantz said.  
Jantz said parents should allow for some transition time for their students and recommends giving it 30 days for them to get back in the swing of things.

He also says give them plenty of hugs and physical attention, since they aren’t allowed to get that from their friends at school, due to COVID protocols.  

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