Washington creates online system to help determine who can get COVID-19 vaccine

The Washington State Department of Health is introducing a new system in an effort to eliminate any confusion on who can or can’t get the COVID-19 vaccine.                                                                       

The new system is an online questionnaire called PhaseFinder. The way it works is you provide information about yourself, like your age, and what county you live in.

PhaseFinder also asks a series of questions to determine the likelihood of you coming into contact with COVID-19 specifically through your job.

Depending on your answers, you get a message that says you are eligible, or not eligible for the vaccine.

Health officials say this system will remove the burden, from the folks who are actually administering the vaccine, to determine who can get it.

PhaseFinder relies on the public to be honest with their answers. Health officials say they realize there is the opportunity for folks to game the system, but say they say they would rather people get the vaccine than the alternative

Currently, folks who are under Phase 1A can receive the vaccine.

Phase 1A includes all workers in health care settings, and residents and employees in assisted living and nursing homes.

Health officials say they hope to have more information released next week on who will receive the vaccination next.

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