Washington Everest teams will need to be helicoptered down

SEATTLE (AP) — Mountaineering companies based in Seattle say there's no safe way to climb down through the icefall above basecamp on Mount Everest, so they will require helicopter transportation off the mountain following the Nepal earthquake and subsequent avalanche.

Gordon Janow of Alpine Ascents International said Sunday he's heard from his team on Mount Everest. They seem to be doing OK and have the food and warm clothing they need.

Janow says he expects his team of about six climbers plus guides and Sherpa staff to be helicoptered off the mountain sometime in the next few days.

Guide Dave Hahn from Rainier Mountaineering says in a message on the company's website that some Sherpa guides have tried to climb through the icefall and found it impassable. They are waiting to see what the next step will be.