Washington finds no evidence Planned Parenthood operating in violation of law

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he has found no evidence to support allegations against Planned Parenthood in Washington.

In July, the attorney general's office received letters from state lawmakers requesting he investigate Planned Parenthood.

Ferguson said on Monday he has sent responses to the lawmakers saying he has found no evidence that the organization is operating in violation of state or federal law.

He expressed concern about unfounded allegations against Planned Parenthood because they could make it more difficult for Washington women to get health care.

Planned Parenthood has four affiliates that operate 32 health centers providing health care services in Washington state. Those services include cancer screenings, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, family planning, as well as abortions.

Ferguson says one of the health centers donates fetal tissue to the University of Washington for birth defect research paid for by the National Institutes of Health. The university pays for shipping of the materials but does not compensate Planned Parenthood in any way for the donation.