Washington State Patrol troopers leaving in droves for higher-paying agenices

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Washington State Patrol troopers are leaving their jobs in droves and officials are looking for ways to solve the problem.

More than 100 trooper jobs are currently available, and initial findings by consultants show newer troopers are leaving for other law enforcement agencies that offer better pay.

Thirty-three troopers have resigned this year. Some 80 staff members are eligible this year for retirement.

Officials say the shortage isn't impacting public safety, but is impacting job satisfaction for troopers working longer hours.

State Patrol Capt. Monica Alexander told KOIN-TV (http://goo.gl/wNxOlM) the agency is one of the lowest paying in the state, saying others pay up to $2,000 more per month.

A study to come out in December is expected to recommend ways the state can recruit and retain more troopers.