Watch 11-year-old girl find out she’s getting a new heart

CHICAGO -- Sofia Sanchez had two birthday wishes: to get a new heart and to meet Drake.

The 11-year-old is diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and is in need of a heart transplant. She is currently a patient at Chicago's Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Last week, Sofia got a surprise visit from Drake after a video she posted of her doing the “Kiki Challenge” was shared on social media. Drake was in town for his concert at the United Center, and it just so happened that Sofia’s 11th birthday was that weekend, too.

But over the weekend, Sofia received her final wish: a new heart.

In a video posted Sunday, she learns of the news that will change her life forever.

"I'm getting a heart, mom? Oh my god!" Sofia exclaims as she becomes emotional.