WATCH: Bothell teacher who faked assault takes polygraph test

BOTHELL, Wash. --  For the first time we’re getting a look inside the examination room as a popular Bothell High School wood shop teacher takes a polygraph test.

You’ll remember teacher Cal Pygott sparking fear in that community after he said someone hit him over the head with a hammer and put a zip tie around his neck while at the school in May.  Bothell Police now say Pygott was lying.  He says it was all a failed suicide attempt.

In the video, you can see Pygott filling out standard paperwork before his polygraph test  and handing over the documents. Then he casually sits back in his chair.  The administrator informs him how the test works to detect deception.

“Things that happen throughout your entire body; it’s intravenous,” said the polygraph test administrator.

The test administrator allows Pygot to have a quick break before the test begins.  Then she tests his breathing, perspiration, and blood pressure.  A few minutes later, the questions get serious.

“Are you the person who placed the zip tie around your neck on May 19th at Bothell High School?” asked the administrator.  “No,” answered Pygott.

“Are you the person responsible for causing the injuries to your head on May 19th at Bothell High School?” asked the administrator. “No,” replied Pygott.

“Were you truthful to the Bothell detectives when you said you don’t know who assaulted you?” asked the administrator. “Yes,” answered Pygott.

She continues to ask basically the same questions over and over again.

“Those questions are bringing up thoughts and emotions again,” said Pygott.

“Are they? Which questions?” asked the administrator.

“The questions about the accident,” answered Pygott.

He also shared what might be altering his breathing.

“A couple of times on that one where you had some deep breaths…,” said the administrator.

“Yes, I have COPD as well, I forgot to tell you that. Not often but that and my heart.  I have cardiomyopathies.  I’ll try to control it, sorry,” said Pygott.

Throughout the entire interview, Pygott sticks to his story.  He says he didn’t know his attacker.  He didn’t do the injuries to himself or lie to detectives.

“What I’ll do is go ahead and take the instruments off to you and then I’ll walk you back to the conference room. I’ll do some scoring and then come back to talk to you,” said the administrator.

The recording ends before the polygraph administrator tells Pygott what the test revealed.  Bothell Police tell us he lied on that test.  Pygott now awaits a decision from the prosecuting attorney’s office if he will face any charges.