WATCH: Dad makes dying son's dream come true, Spider Man drops in for Birthday

HAMPSHIRE, England -- It was likely the best birthday gift 5-year-old Jayden has ever received, heartbreakingly it may be the last birthday he is able to celebrate.

Jayden is fighting a grade 4 brain stem tumor and his father, Mike Wilson, says doctors tell the family the average survival rate is about a year.

That’s why Mike, a Parkour enthusiast, dreamed up an incredible surprise for his son’s birthday last week.

Jayden loves Spiderman, so Mike had a replica Spider Man costume made in his size. As Jayden’s family began the party Mike suddenly had to ‘run to the store’ and left.

Mike wasn’t actually going to the store, instead he was donning the costume and climbing on top of the roof of the family home.

When Mike gave the signal the family ushered little Jayden outside as Spider Man dropped from above to wish him a happy birthday and sweep him into a huge hug.

Then Jayden invited Spider Man into the house and into the best birthday party ever.

Mike says he’s proud to have been able to do this for his son.

The family has set up a special Facebook page to follow Jayden’s fight.