WATCH: Daring ducklings make dangerous jump

Screen grab from Facebook post/Caitríona Ní Chathasaigh

DUBLIN, Ireland --  It's a Facebook video that might make you squeal and then say awwwwww.

Caitríona Ní Chathasaigh as student at United College Dublin in Dublin Ireland and she captured the video on her smart phone then posted it to her facebook page.

The video shows a mother duck pacing below a stone block with her brood of ducklings clamoring along the edge of the block above.

As Chathasaigh and her friends discuss what to do the ducklings suddenly take matters into their own hands and jump one at a time.

"I must admit this was a start to the day I was not expecting," wrote Chathasaigh on Facebook.  "I'm much too happy because of it. Wait until the end trust me it will be worth it."