Watch: Dog and owner rescued from ravine in western New York

A frightening experience led to a rescue of a dog and its owner over the weekend in Ovid, New York.

Firefighters saved the owner and pet who fell more than 175 feet into a woodland ravine on Sunday.

Video of the rescue was provided to the social news platform Storyful by the Ovid Fire Department

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In the footage, firefighters are sliding down a rope with a rescue basket and save the dog before returning to help two people out of the ravine. 

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A dog and its owners were rescued by firefighters after falling more than 175 feet down a woodland ravine in Ovid, New York. Credit: Ovid Fire Dept. via Storyful)

The dog was out for a walk with its owner near a ravine and slipped on fallen leaves or loose vegetation and lost its footing, the Ovid Fire Department wrote in a Facebook post

When the animal started to fall, the owner tried to grab it and slipped and fell down into the ravine. 

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Fire officials said the dog couldn't climb out of the ravine because of its age and size. But they walked to an open area in the ravine to give first responders a safer space to rescue them. 

The dog suffered minor injuries, and the owner was not injured. Family members climbed down to the ravine and back out before firefighters arrived at the scene. 

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.