WATCH: Man catches kids doing something awesome at Walmart, 'What's wrong with today's youth? Not a dang thing'

ARLINGTON, Texas --  It was just one of those moments.

Mark Ammann was at a Texas Walmart when he heard singing.

Ammann quickly recognized the song as the National Anthem, but something sounded funny about it.

So naturally he pulled out his smart phone and started to record video as he went in search of the singers.

What he found was both adorable and awesome.

"What's wrong with today's youth? Not a dang thing. Just now in Walmart," Ammann wrote on Facebook Tuesday.

Ammann's son Eric posted the video to reddit hours after his dad shared it on Facebook and it shot quickly to the front page where it had garnered over 1-thousand comments by Wednesday morning.

"Yes, I did capture this candid moment today at Walmart," wrote Ammann in a second post on Facebook.  "No, it wasn't staged and I don't know the kids involved. I was walking through the store and heard the singing & got my phone out to record it. The video was uploaded to my YouTube channel mark1magic and yes, you are free to share! I think we could use more sharing of stuff like this that a lot of the other junk I see posted lately. Enjoy!"