WATCH: Show-off driver tries impressing bystanders by revving Lamborghini's engine, catches car on fire instead

LONDON, England --  We'd call it schadenfreude if it had happened to a Mercedes.

But it was a Lamborghini that caught fire in London late last week after the driver tried to show off the $400,000 supercar by revving its engine on the street.

Multiple videos posted on YouTube show the scene as it happened.

The driver starts up the Lamborghini Aventador and then as a crowd gathers the engine is revved and moments after flames shoot from the tail pipe a back section of the car catches fire.

Quickly the driver exits the car and using what looks to be an item of clothing tries to extinguish the flame with no success.

At one point the driver even seems to try and blow the flames out with his own mouth.

Nope, that doesn't work either.

That's when the driver gets back into the car and takes off which only fans the flames to grow even larger.

In another video posted on YouTube the driver at this point pulls a u-turn in the street and tries to race away the other direction.   Still the fire keeps burning and eventually the driver is forced to pull over a face the fact that his half-a-million-dollar car is literally on fire.