WATCH: Steamy new trailer for "50 Shades of Grey" quite revealing, (plus something special for Seahawk fans)

(CNN) -- Take two parts Jamie Dornan's bare torso, one part Dakota Johnson blindfolded and arching on a bed, mix in Beyonce singing over a throbbing beat with a dash of whips, and you've got a recipe for a whole lot of hot.

The new "50 Shades of Grey" trailer premiered Thursday night during an episode of ABC's hit show "Scandal," and wow. Fans got to see Christian Grey (Dornan) meet Anastasia (Johnson) and embark on quite the relationship.

There's some sexy elevator action, Mr. Grey looking every inch the dapper millionaire he is and a sneak peak at the Red Room of Pain very familiar to fans of the wildly successful E.L. James novel on which the film is based. Beyonce's song "Haunted" serves as a soundtrack for the trailer.

Seattleites will recognize several fly over shots of the city's skyline, but that's about it.  The film itself was not shot on location in Washington.

But Seahawk fans may find a little Easter egg hidden in the trailer that you might like.  We won't spoil it, just watch closely at around 1:17 into the clip.

There have been teases of what's to come with the movie, which arrives on Valentine's Day. But the almost 2½-minute trailer definitely whets the appetite -- despite knowing that there will be no full frontal action from Dornan.

One fan summed it up like this in a tweet: "50 SHADES OF GREY TRAILER OMFGG JAMIE."