WATCH: Tourist on bike makes daring escape after robber confronts him at gunpoint

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina --  A man on a bike tour through the streets of Buenos Aires recently was held at gunpoint by another man attempting to rob him.

The tourist was able to get away unharmed, find a police officer and the entire thing was caught on camera.

Alexander Hennessy says he was riding a bike through a neighborhood in Buenos Aires in broad daylight.

In the video a man on a motorcycle can be seeing zooming up next to Hennessy and pulling a handgun.

The two men exchange words and Hennessy runs as the man chases him.

Luckily for Hennessy others on his bike tour were waiting up ahead and were able to help him get to safety.

A police officer waiting around the corner was quickly alerted as Hennessy is heard on the video explaining that the entire thing was caught on camera.