WATCH: Was that a UFO viewers saw during a live TV newscast?

Courtesy FOX 2

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Did a St. Louis TV station capture a UFO on camera during a live newscast?

A lightning storm rolled through the area Monday night.

Some of the storm’s flashes were shown live during FOX2’s newscast and the phones instantly started ringing in the newsroom.

Some viewers said they saw something strange at around 9:07pm.

As the anchor voices under the live footage from a tower cam, something flashes across the screen.

The flying object is illuminated as the lightning flashes and as quickly as it appears it is gone.

Video from the newscast was been posted to Facebook and analyzed by FOX 2 viewers.  One commenter says, “Could have been anything. A UFO means “unidentified flying object” and doesn’t mean Aliens.”

FOX 2 producer Kevin Pope and reporter Andy Banker slowed the high definition footage to see what the object really was.  Their conclusion: the object is a bird illuminated by the lightning.