‘We don’t take cash anymore’: Everett business hopes new policy dissuades robbers

EVERETT, Wash. – Several business owners in Everett are changing the way they operate after a recent string of robberies in the area.

In early December, Everett police arrested a man caught on surveillance video allegedly flashing a gun at a barista inside Espresso Avenue. Police said the man stole cash from the register and the employee’s tip jar.

Police said another man walked up to Diedrich’s Espresso on Broadway late Wednesday night and held up the barista but the robber got away. A sign at the coffee stand now tells customers they won’t be served on foot when it’s dark outside.

Brenda Humbert’s owns The Barber Shop on Evergreen Way. She said she is concerned her store could be targeted before long.

“Security cameras are great but it’s not going to stop somebody desperate for $5,” she said.

The change at Humbert’s shop is hard to miss. She has posted a sign on her front door meant to inform customers and criminals there is no cash inside.

“We don’t take cash anymore, we went to a no cash policy,” she said.

Instead customers are paying for services using debit and credit cards.  Humbert said her customers are applauding the new policy even if it’s not perfect.

“I don’t have the answer,” she said. “All I can do is protect myself. No cash (means) less people with guns in my face.”