'We need more help': Belltown restaurant suffers break-ins, flooding, arson in past week

Food, drinks and drag shows at Taqueria Cantina in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood are temporarily on hold after someone broke in and set the restaurant on fire. 

"I just saw a guy running around, kind of crazy," said restaurant co-owner Daniel Ceballos.

Ceballos says Taqueria Cantina in Belltown suffered a break-in several days ago and storms over the weekend flooded the business.

Then around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, surveillance footage shows someone broke inside, poured material behind the bar and minutes later, flames ripped through the business.

"Just seeing what's going on and having to close my doors temporarily to get all this fixed breaks my heart," said Ceballos.

While investigators piece together a motive, Ceballos says he doesn't know why someone attacked his business, but he isn't ruling out hate.

He says his venue has been harassed multiple times for hosting the popular Belltown Babes Drag Brunch shows.

"I know there's a small percentage of people in the community that don't approve of that," said Ceballos. "I know people that live here in the building have harassed us as well."

Ceballos isn't just concerned with what happened inside his restaurant.

"Down the street there are a few more businesses that closed down, and a few businesses attempted to open, and they're closed now," said Ceballos.

He feels there needs to be more security and patrols in the area at certain hours.

"I think the city needs to start looking at the fact that small businesses are shutting down because there are not a lot of resources," said Ceballos.

Ceballos doesn't know when Taqueria Cantina in Belltown will reopen, as damages are still being calculated and the building needs to be evaluated for safety.

"It breaks my heart for my staff members more than anything because they depend on us, they depend on this business," said Ceballos.

The owners are asking the community for the support while Taqueria Cantina reopens. For those who would like to help, a GoFundMe account has been set up for donations.