Welcome to Sumner, the Rhubarb Capital of the World

SUMNER, Wash. - When you think of rhubarb, you might equate it with pie. But it's more than just a pie-filling in the Sumner community, also known as the "Rhubarb Capital of the World."

“We celebrate it! I don’t know of anyone who celebrates it as much as we do," explained Suzanne Kipfer, the Sumner Downtown Promotion Association president.

The association hosts its annual Rhubarb Days every July, featuring a rhubarb bake-off, rhubarb racing and, of course, a rhubarb pie-eating contest.

Teresa Maycumber is the co-owner of the Hometown Charm Café and says she’s used the same pie recipe for 25 years.

Sumner Café and its owner, Daniel Brock, are known for their rhubarb treats, too, including the fan favorite rhubarb crisp.

“I think rhubarb really has a nice tart flavor, and it really lends itself to a scoop of ice cream and I think that combination is just delicious,” says Brock, “For those that are health conscious, I like to tell them that a rhubarb crisp or a pie it’s really like a vegetable casserole.”

This year’s Rhubarb Days is set to take place on July 27 & 28 at Heritage Park along Main Street in Sumner.