We'll find out Wednesday if Ken Griffey Jr. is the first unanimous Hall of Fame inductee

SEATTLE – Don’t worry – Ken Griffey Jr.will be on his way to the Hall of Fame when the balloting is announced Wednesday.

The question is, will he become the first player ever elected unanimously?

The former Seattle Mariners center fielder is eligible for the first time on this ballot, and some fans are crossing their fingers that he’ll make history and become the first to get a yes vote from every voting member of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

One website called bbhoftracker.com, which claims to track every vote that’s been publicly announced via social media or in print or through other means, shows Griffey with a perfect 169 votes out of those it’s tracked. A total of 475 ballots were sent out, though not all of those will likely be returned.

Pitcher Tom Seaver received the highest percentage of votes in Hall of Fame history at 98.84 percent, with Nolan Ryan at 98.79 percent and Cal Ripken Jr. at 98.53.

Mariners hitting coach Edgar Martinez, in his seventh year on the ballot, is currently sitting at 46.7 percent according to the website.