Wet roads & sidewalks could freeze overnight in some areas, causing slick commute

A rain and snow mix could cause major problems on our roadways in some areas, if it turns into ice overnight.  

In places like Thurston and Pierce County, the rain fell steadily on Tuesday evening. By around 9:30 pm, some spots on the roads and sidewalks were freezing, forming patches of black ice.  

"I love snow, I used to come here as a kid just to visit, just to see the snow," said Emma Gomez, visiting Lacey from Maui. 

Gomez is looking forward to a change of scenery with a winter mix in the forecast. 

"I like to stay in and watch it but at the same time, I like to ski and snowboard, so hopefully I’ll get to do that this weekend," she said. 

Lacey man Travis Summers says snow is not his ideal.   

"I hope not. I don’t like hearing that, but it is cold out there," he said. 

Summers said that the cold temperatures are his least favorite aspect of winter. 

"I hate it. I do. I hate it so bad with a passion. I can’t stand the coldness. It makes my body hurt. I don’t like it," said Summers. 

After last week's winter blast, some people are stocking up on supplies. FOX 13 talked to a man who was picking up the essentials on Tuesday evening, "just in case".  

"It’s pretty. I’m not excited to drive in it," said Melissa Huster, a resident who lives in Lacey. 

Huster told us that road conditions were her main concern. 

"Because we don’t exactly have the infrastructure for it. So my family is from Boston, which does have the infrastructure for it. Lacey… not so much," said Huster. 

She says she has crock pot meals prepared, and her family has developed a game plan should the weather take a more serious turn and prompt a power outage. 

"We have family close that have wood stoves and stuff. If we lose power, we can congregate there," said Huster.