Widespread urban flooding in Snohomish County

MILL CREEK, Wash. -- Flooding from the heavy rainfall closed down at least nine roads Tuesday night in Snohomish County, including one in Mill Creek.

The flooding of 35th Avenue SE near 144th Street SE in Mill Creek started Tuesday morning.

The street became an extension of Penny Creek, causing delays for drivers.

“Police officer pulled out and saw what he was doing; I had to go all the way around to get in here,” driver Wil Bramel said.

Drivers going Southbound on 35th Avenue SE were allowed to pass, using the turn lanes for most of the day, but police shut down all lanes as the flooding got worse late afternoon.

“It’s a problem area,” Juan Mora said.

After dealing with the flooded street, landscaper Juan Mora had another problem on his hands, flooded backyards.

“It's miserable, its miserable,” Mora said.

He needs to pump all the water out before he can get to work.

“It’s a lot more difficult than usual,” Mora said.

A long day at work for Juan and longer commute times for many others.

“Nine times out of 10, when someone passes me, they are 10 seconds ahead of me and they are sitting at the same traffic light,” Bramel said.

Bramel says be patient on the roads and to remember that there is a silver lining to all this wet mess when fire season rolls around.

“Because of the drought, trees dry up, fires happen fast with all the rain and what we are getting right now it will take care of all of that hopefully,” Bramel said.

The city of Mill Creek says 35th Ave SE has not flooded in three years. They are watching the situation closely but assured us that homes along the creek are not in any danger of flooding.