Woman accused of causing deadly Aurora Avenue crash charged with vehicular homicide

SEATTLE – The woman accused of killing two people during a hit-and-run crash in Seattle while high on meth was charged with vehicular homicide and other felonies Wednesday.

Radalyn King, 23, was arrested after police say she was driving erratically, with speeds reaching 80 mph, before careening into four people walking near the Aurora Bridge Friday.

King allegedly tried to run away but witnesses pointed her out to police. Officers say she was speaking incoherently and laughing during her arrest.

Investigators believe she was high on methamphetamine at the time, and police say she admitted to closing her eyes and purposefully caused the crash during questioning. Police also believe King also had a history of using the synthetic drug 'Molly.'

Rebecca Richman, 28, was killed by the crash and her 26-year-old brother Michael Richman was rushed to a local hospital and later died.

Rebecca's boyfriend and father were the other two people injured. Her boyfriend has since been released, but her father remains hospitalized with serious injuries.

King faces two counts of vehicular homicide, felony hit-and-run as well as a reckless driving charge.

Charging documents say King has no known criminal history but does, according to her family, have a problem using hard drugs. King is also believed to have been couch surfing with friends and living out of her car. Investigators say King has no known source of income.

Police are awaiting a toxicology analysis on King's blood to determine exactly what drugs may have been in her system at the time of the crash. Results typically take a few weeks to come back from the Washington State Patrol laboratory.