Woman attacked while jogging in Seward Park

SEATTLE -- Police are looking for the man who attacked a woman running in Seward Park.

Seattle Police say she was able to fight off her attacker but he’s still out there.

“The world is not a safe place and I know that I'm not naïve. But I don't think anybody expected they would happen here,” Seward Park regular JR Page said.

The news of a woman attacked on a trail frequented by single women and families rings out through the community quickly.

“A lot of neighbors are talking about it,” Page added.

Police say the woman was jogging on upper trail just before 6:00pm when a Hispanic male hit her in the back of the head and pinned her down on the ground.

“Police flooded the area. We're were in the park in cars and on foot and were weren't able to find him,” SPD Officer Lauren Lovanhill explained.

The victim describes her attacker as 5’6”, a slim build with brown hair, wearing blue jeans and a black hoodie.

“It isn't a common occurrence but we definitely don't want it to happen again. So the best thing is for people to be aware and not be so focused on their music and exercise that they're not paying attention to what's going on around them,” Lovanhill added.

Police say this is the first attack in the park in five years and extra patrols at the park are aimed at preventing a repeat offense.