Woman found in Bellevue apartment fire died of multiple stab wounds, officials say

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- The woman found in a Bellevue apartment fire last week died of multiple stab wounds, the King County Medical Examiner's Office said Monday.

The victim was identified as Kittaporn Saosawatsri, 37, who lived in the sixth-floor apartment that was on fire last Tuesday at the Avalon Meydenbauer apartment complex. Firefighters found her body inside and immediately called police.

Firefighters believe the apartment was intentionally set on fire.

Meanwhile,  court documents revealed new information about a suspect wanted for the murder.

Bellevue police are working with authorities in Oregon because they believe murder suspect Song Wang could be in the Portland area. They said he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Those who live at the Avalon Meydenbauer Apartment complex in Bellevue once loved its sense of security, but now that's been shattered.

“I think we were pretty shocked because we originally moved to Bellevue because it`s a really safe city in the rest of the U.S, so this is pretty crazy,” said Grace Gee, a resident.

Last Tuesday night,  a fire forced people there to evacuate. investigators said they found a woman murdered on the sixth floor.

“I live on the fifth floor, so I don't what actually happened upstairs, but yea it was like around 9:00,  the alarm rang and everyone just got out,” said Edward Tan, another resident.

Tan might not know what happened that night, but he said he has seen the 30-year-old suspect before.

“He was usually looking at his phone,” said Tan.

Police haven’t said what Wang’s relationship is to the woman he’s suspected of killing.

Court documents show that Wang has been in trouble before. In 2011, he was accused of driving on a suspended license. More recently, Q13 FOX found five small claims notices against Wang, most of them filed just a day before the murder, one the day of the murder. They are people claiming Wang borrowed thousands of dollars by lying to them.

One of the people listed on the small claims notices said that Wang worked as a translator in the community and had asked people to borrow man, claiming his family was in trouble in China. Wang’s ex-girlfriend confirmed she has a newborn child with Wang, a man she said she hasn’t seen in days but doesn’t believe he could be responsible for such violence.