Woman hits '$8 million jackpot' at Western Washington casino, gets paid $80

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- An Oregon woman is pretty upset after she says a slot machine showed she won an $8 million jackpot, but she was only paid $80.

Veronica Castillo is a mortgage loan officer from Oregon. She was at the Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, Wash.,with her mother.

Castillo told KOIN she put $100 into a slot machine and hit the jackpot. But casino staff said the machine had malfunctioned.

“They shut off the machine, took it away, printed out a ticket and gave me $80,” she said.

Machines at the casino apparently have stickers that say any malfunction of the machine avoids all pays and plays, KOIN reports.

“To me, it’s cheating, may even be fraudulent,” Castillo told KOIN. “My first thought was, how many people has this happened to? They think they won, then going away empty-handed.”

Castillo says she is now working to get an attorney. Of course, she wants the prize money, but she also wants to make sure this does not happen to others.

The casino's CEO John Setterstrom told the station that this has never happened before, and he is working to get answers from the manufacturer. He said there is no machine that pays that high of a jackpot.

Lucky Eagle Casino issued a press release later Friday that said the machine with the "display malfunction" was taken off of the floor and was being looked at by the manufacturer.

The casino said, "It is absolutely clear that the gaming machine played by Ms. Castillo experienced a display malfunction: