Woman picked up by garbage truck, injured by trash compactor

EVERETT -- A woman is in the hospital after being dumped into a garbage truck and being crushed by a trash compactor, the Everett Fire Department said.

The garbage truck driver told fire crews he picked up a dumpster load on North Broadway in Everett when he noticed passerbys pointing at his truck. The driver checked his rearview mirror, fire official Eric Hicks said, and noticed a man sitting on the top of his truck so he got out to investigate.

The driver heard a woman screaming from the truck as soon as he stepped outside, Hicks said. He called 911 and police quickly drove to she scene. Officers lowered a ladder into the truck and got a woman out from inside of the garbage truck. The woman appeared to be hurt from the trash compactor inside the truck, Hicks said.

The woman was transported to Providence Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries.

It is believed the woman was in a dumpster that was poured into the truck. However, it is not known how she became trapped.

This story is breaking and will be updated as more information becomes available.