Woman says Puyallup murder suspect once dated her daughter: 'He was a horrible problem'

TACOMA -- A Tacoma mother is talking about the time her daughter dated Austin Moores Nelson, who is charged with killing an ex-girlfriend's mother in Puyallup, and why she had to file a protective order against him.

"It was inevitable that it was going to happen,” said Shellie McCauley, whose daughter Kammie dated Moores Nelson in 2011, when she was in junior high school.

Moores Nelson, 19, of Tacoma, was charged in Pierce County Superior Court Tuesday with killing Teresa Ryan, 46, in front of her home in Puyallup on Monday morning, after Ryan's daughter had broken off a relationship with Moores Nelson.  He is also charged with killing that family's dog.  Ryan's teenage daughter was not home at the time he allegedly gunned down her mom and dog.

McCauley knows things could have ended differently for her now-19-year-old daughter.

“He was a horrible problem. The stuff that he was doing to my daughter and the stuff he put my family through,” McCauley said from her Tacoma home Tuesday night.

McCauley added that Kammie and Moores Nelson met in junior high and very quickly she didn’t like what she saw in him.

McCauley said Moores Nelson manipulated Kammie and in 2012 she was forced to file a protective order to keep Moores Nelson away from Kammie and her family.

“I had stated he was spiraling out of control and I could see it and I don’t understand how his parents couldn’t see it,” said McCauley.

In the protective order obtained by Q13 News, McCauley wrote that Moores Nelson forced her daughter to run away from home and cut her arm to prove she loved him.

“He even told my daughter that he wanted her to get rid of her dog because her dog gets too much attention” said McCauley.

McCauley said Moores Nelson made statements he would kill Kammie if she ever left him.

“This could have been us. It could have been us, and I’m sorry for that family that it was them. It’s so heartbreaking, especially for the kids,” said McCauley.


According to court documents, the Ryan family had been having problems with Moores Nelson that began after he started dating their daughter in September.

"I don’t ever want him to see what these girls get to see. He doesn’t deserve it. He deserves to be locked up for the rest of his life,” said McCauley.

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