Woman uses only her lips to paint these masterpieces

SEATTLE -- Her pieces are stunning, but wait until you hear how Natalie Irish creates them. Known as the "kissing artist," Natalie uses just her lips... and some lipstick.

Her work includes portraits of David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, Audrey Hepburn, even Conan O'Brien! And keep in mind when you see them- they are completed all in lipstick with no brushes, just lips.

Natalie uses her talent to advocate for a personal cause: Type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed with it herself at the age of 18, she now carries an insulin pump around with her, and talks to fellow patients about how it has freed her up to live a normal life.

Natalie partnered with JDRF's Type One Nation Summit, and is hosting her very own kissing art project booth at the event this weekend. Click HERE to learn more.

Check out our interview with her in the below video, where you an also watch how she creates each piece! Click HERE to see her work on her website.