Women, families find hope in jail... but not like you might think

RENTON -- The REACH Center of Hope has operated out of the Renton City Jail for just over a year and has helped dozens of families by giving them a hand up and not just a hand out.

In it's first year, The Center of Hope has served 1,200 residents, 1,400 meals and provided over 2,100 people with a place to spend the night.

To date, 21 women and their families have found permanent housing thanks to the Center of Hope. The director of the center says homelessness is a region issue. About 69 families in Renton with School aged children don't have a roof over their heads.

Tamus Gilliam and her three girls were evicted from their home in October and spent several nights sleeping in a truck. Now they get fed and have a bed to lay in every night.

Gilliam said, "It’s about my daughters. It’s really about my daughters and helping them get out of the little pit that we’re in. Because we don’t need to be there and we don’t deserve to be there but I’m the one that has to dig us out.”

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