Workers with hottest jobs sizzling in the heat

SEATTLE -- The sweltering heat is keeping some pedicabs off the streets in Seattle -- but not Morgan Floyd with Tride Pedicab.

“I am the only one in my company working today, I want to maximize my summer,” Floyd said.

So he’s pedaling -- and talking to many tourists flagging him down.

“I try to do (work off) an inhuman amount of calories,” Floyd said.

That means he has to pay close attention to how he’s feeling.

“I am covered in sunblock, drink a lot of water,” Floyd said.

With Floyd is gliding inches above the hot pavement, others are hanging up high, cleaning windows.

"I am afraid of heights,” James Jones said.

Adding to that anxiety is the weather. Jones says the work is harder because he has to double-clean windows steaming up from the heat.

“Pretty hot, tired -- makes you want to go home and go to sleep,” Jones said.

At times he feels like he’s melting -- just like the grilled cheese sandwich sizzling at Cheese Wizards food truck.

“It certainly could be a couple of degrees cooler for all of us,” Alexander Strandoo said from inside the food truck.

Strandoo says it’s especially miserable for the cooks working with the grill inside.

“It’s absolutely miserable, this warm, warm day you kind of do what you can; we have a fan,” Strandoo said.

At Seattle Yoga Lounge in the Green Lake neighborhood, there are no fans.

It’s 95 degrees inside -- by choice. After all, it is 'hot yoga.'

Owner Teddy Garcia says attendance has been strong.

“As an instructor, I like to go around and see if anyone is getting dizzy, making sure all of my students are healthy and safe,” Garcia said.