'Worst attack on a baby animal I've ever seen by children'

LACEY -- Animal Control officers call it one of the worst cases of abuse involving kids they've ever seen.

"It was bad. It was really, really bad. I just, I can't. I can't watch that and I will not, will not let it happen if I have something to do about it,” neighbor Brandi Luckey said Friday.

Luckey is an animal lover and can't stand to see them abused.

She never thought she'd see this kind of abuse at the hands of children.

"We would see the children pick the dog up by the collar off the ground and throw it,” Luckey said.

The kids include two 7-year-old sisters, and their 3-year-old brother.

"Our video, it does show the little boy, he's about 3, he goes and lays on her and one of the little girl comes over and steps on her head and neck area and it yelps,” Luckey said.

Luckey recorded cell phone video so she would have proof of the abuse.

Then she called Animal Services.

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Animal Services officer Erika Johnson took the call.

"This is the worst attack on a baby animal I've ever seen by children. They were witnessing the three children abusing the puppy,” Johnson said.

Johnson spent all weekend, her days off, trying to rescue the puppy named Bella, a Shepard mix, just seven weeks old, weighing just nine pounds.

She's safe now at the animal services shelter, but she may have suffered injuries to her spine.

"If the neighbors hadn't said anything, the dog easily could have been killed,”  Johnson said.

The mother was apparently in the yard at the times of abuse.

Johnson is recommending prosecutors charge her with first-degree animal cruelty.

Luckey wants that, too.

"We aren't born with the aggression and that type of abusive behavior; it is learned,” Luckey said.

Q13 FOX News tried to speak to the mother but she refused a request for an interview.

If convicted of first-degree animal cruelty, she could be fined and face up to a year in jail.