Worst cold snap in two years could hit Puget Sound next week

SEATTLE – You might want to break out the electric blanket – it looks like it's about to get cold, and stay cold.

Q13 News meteorologist Tim Joyce is forecasting a cold stretch next week, the likes of which we haven’t seen in at least two years.

"Next week's cold snap looks to be not only the coldest of this season but also the coldest we've been in all of 2016,” Joyce said. “The last time we were below freezing for a full 24 hours in Seattle was back in early February of 2014.

“This cold spell could be longer than that, likely multiple days we're locked in the freezer around here.”

Things could kick off with some snow on New Year’s Day when temperatures drop below freezing with a low of 26.

Things only get colder from there, with lows of 19, 17 and 24 expected from Monday-Wednesday.

"We’re certainly starting out the New Year on a colder-than-average note," Q13 News meteorologist M.J. McDermott said.  "The first few days of the New Year look likely to top out around freezing if not a little below.

"That is not 'epic.'  Our high on Dec. 17 was 33 with an overnight low of 23 at SeaTac. "

Things do, however, look sunny next week.

“On the plus side, we'll have ample amounts of January sunshine,” Joyce said. “As I always say, there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate wardrobe choices."