WSDOT: We will work with state lawmakers on I-405 toll changes

BOTHELL, Wash. -- The Washington State Department of Transportation says it will work with lawmakers on changes to the 405 toll lanes after almost a dozen legislators sent an email insisting on changes to the system.

WSDOT spokeswoman Patty Rubstello said, "We knew that change was going to be hard and learning how the system works in the area people are in. And we know some people don’t like tolls at all.”

Rubstello told Q13 News that access point changes have already been made to some sections of the tolls lanes and more are coming soon. Many complained access to the toll lanes was difficult.

Lawmakers want to see more changes. In a recent letter, lawmakers told WSDOT they would like to see toll-free lanes on weekends, during non-peak hours and on holidays.

Rubstello said the DOT is considering these possible changes but they would be further down the road if they are implemented.