WSU introduces first student-made wine

RICHLAND-- Everyone's heard of Cougar Gold, but Cougar wine?

WSU has released it's first student-produced wine under the label "Blended Learning". The riesling is the first in a series produced by WSU's viticulture and oenology program.

According to WSU, Robb Zimmel and five fellow students began planning the first wine in spring 2012. They teamed up with Fidelitas winery in Richland and Hogue Cellars in Prosser.

The students chose grape varieties, harvested, crushed, barreled and bottled the finished product last summer. They released 100 cases in fall 2013 and made the wine available at the WSU Visitor’s Center in Pullman and WSU Connections in Seattle.

The winemakers are currently working on two cabernet sauvignon wines at Barnard Giffin winery in Richland.

For more information on the program, click here.