'You feel violated:' Everett car dealership fed up with near-daily thefts, calls on city to take action

Smash-and-grab robbers are ransacking businesses in Everett, and the owners say their appeals to police for help have gone unanswered.

One car dealership, Broadway Auto Sales, told FOX 13 that every evening, they can count on someone stealing or destroying something. Sometimes that's parts, other times it's gas, and the dealership has had cars stolen before.

"They pried the back window open, hopped in there and they busted out the lock, started it up and took off," said Mark Harpham, co-owner of Broadway Auto Sales.

Harpham told FOX 13, the most recent theft out of their lot happened days ago, when thieves stole a truck.

"We had to pay $700 to get it towed back to the dealership," Harpham said.

Thieves ruined the ignition to start it, took off, and got it stuck in some mud miles away.

Purple wigs were left behind in the truck, as well as drugs and other garbage. 

"Every single morning, I come in and you have no idea what you're walking into," said Mike Hutchinson, co-owner of Broadway Auto Sales.

"It's just, you feel violated," Harpham said. "You know, they just keep on doing it."

Both owners told FOX 13, this is a regular occurrence, and it is more than frustrating.

"They literally will pull up right next to the dealership, they do not care about anything," Hutchinson said. "Do not care about license plates, they will literally just have a heyday of whatever they want."

Thieves have gotten away with catalytic converters and other valuable car parts. Thieves favorite item to steal -- gasoline, straight out of the tank.

Harpham and Hutchinson said they called police many times, yet crime still happens over and over.


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"We're pleading and we are asking for any kind of help that we can get," Hutchinson said. "The police are not able to do their jobs, prosecutors aren't prosecuting these criminals. We're getting broken into pretty much every single night."

The business directly across the street in Everett is dealing with the same issues.

"I know one thing is they cannot do anything," said Mazhar Iqbal, owner of Prestige Auto Service.

Iqbal said he's had seven cars stolen and many more broken into.

"Mostly, they break the glasses, they step in," Iqbal said. "Sometimes, they have the sex and those kinds of things."

All three business owners say they're not going to let criminals take down their livelihoods. They just wish there would be support in their corner.

"The most frustrating part is everybody wants to sweep it underneath the rug," Hutchinson said. "And just say - that's what it is and that's what you have to live with. And I don't think that's the way people should live."

In 2022, more than 1,000 cars were stolen in Snohomish County. This year, more than 600 cars have been stolen in the county. In Seattle, the numbers are more than 4,700.

FOX 13 reached out to Everett Police Department for comment.  A spokesperson says key members from the department have reached out to the owner of Broadway Auto Sales to find out how they can help him from an extra patrol perspective as well as by offering information on Crime Prevention through Environmental Design 

 The City of Everett also sent a statement that read, "The success of our small businesses is incredibly important to Mayor Franklin and the City of Everett. We will be following up with both businesses to see how we can help address these issues."