'You made it!': Video shows moment family finds cat alive, 1 month after Camp Fire

PARADISE, Calif. – Video captured the emotional moment when a Paradise family reunited with their cat Timber – one month after the state's most destructive fire ripped across parts of Northern California, killing 85 and destroying thousands of homes.

Courtney Werblow said on Facebook that Timber, who had been living at her parents' house, had somehow survived the Camp Fire which left the town in ruins.

Video shows the cat, hesitantly at first, walking toward the razed foundation of Werblow's parents' property.

"You made it!" Werblow can be heard saying, "You look so good! We're right here, we're here for you."

As Timber eats from a bowl of dry food, the video also shows a buck walking out from the scorched trees behind a pile of rubble.

"On December 8th, 2018, exactly one month after the Camp Fire swept through our entire community of Paradise, CA, we found hope!" Werblow wrote on Facebook. "With no home left, Timber (our family cat) came running to us!"

Werblow, along with her husband and two children, lost their home – as did her parents – along with their small business.

"After so much loss, this is a testimony of endurance, strength, and love," she wrote in a post on YouTube. "She is an amazing family cat and we are so happy to have her back into our arms - especially for our 6 year old, Ellie."