'Zombie' cat rises from grave, returns home five days after 'death' (PHOTOS)

TAMPA, Florida -- A beloved pet cat named Bart was struck and killed by a car recently.

When his owner, Ellis Hutson, found the little guy he had severe head trauma, a broken jaw, a dead eye and countless other injuries reported FOX 13 News.

Hutson told the Tampa television station that he buried Bart under at least a foot of dirt.

Then five days later Bart appeared in a neighbor’s yard alive according to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

“He had dug himself out of the grave and slowly made his way back home, albeit weak, dehydrated and in need of medical attention,” wrote the humane society on its blog.

The owner contacted the humane society because he couldn’t afford the fees to get Bart medical help.

“Luckily, the injuries sustained were not more serious. HSTB veterinarians expect him to recover and be able to go back home,” wrote the humane society.

While the folks at the humane society believe Bart dug himself out of his own grave, his owner shared a different theory with FOX 13 news.

"We have two cats and they play together all the time and they roam around with each other," Ellis Hutson, the cat's owner, explained. "He might have went looking for his brother and dug him up -- but I have no idea."

As for Bart?  FOX 13 has declared him the 'Zombie cat' while the folks at the humane society have dubbed him 'The Miracle Cat' and announced his surgery successful.

He was a brave boy and is now resting comfortably. He is spending the night with our good friends at Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service so he can be monitored. He will return to us in the morning and need a week or so to recover before going back home!