Commentary: Pac-12 fans united by one cause - its terrible refs

We start with a point that consistently connects fans from different loyalties into one united front: Pac-12 Football Officiating is simply THE WORST.

It’s mind-boggling that, in a conference that has made it a top priority to improve its officiating, Pac-12 refs continue to embarrass themselves with egregious – and often game-changing - calls every single week. They’ve spent money on technology and a command center. They’ve added position supervisors. And now they’ve been through two officiating coordinators in the last five years. And yet, thanks to calls that seem to outdo previous ones in shock and scope, their reputation continues to get worse.

How is this blatant pass interference infraction penalty not called in the critical moments of a Washington State drive against Oregon?

And how is Husky Tight End Josh Perkins called for targeting and ejected from yesterday’s game at Cal – even after video review?

And how is USC called for pass interference here on ball that’s clearly uncatchable, in what could have been a game-altering moment against Arizona last night?

And how is UCLA’s Eddie Vanderdoes not tossed from yesterday’s Oregon game after blatantly punching a Ducks player?

Yes, officials make mistakes. Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott even admitted yesterday that the system is far from perfect.

“We do grade officials – every call is graded every game,” Larry Scott said.

Then (honest question), how do any of these guys survive, unless “poor or mediocre” is a passing grade?

To make things worse, earlier this week, Tony Corrente, resigned from his post as coordinator of Pac-12 officiating, citing personal reasons. But Dave Mahler of 950 KJR reported that Corrente was fed up with his own conference blaming its officials for losses by Oregon, UCLA and Stanford last week. You know things are bad when you feel like your own conference is selling you out.

Just type in “#PAC12REFS” on Twitter to see how bad it’s gotten. And while social media has often exacerbated minor problems, this campaign continues to help expose a major one.

It’s amazing that “Pac-12 Refs” has now surpassed “East Coast Bias” as the number one complaint from sports fans on the West Coast.

And yet it’s unfortunate that this is the one thing that we can all agree upon after the final whistle has blown.