Commentary: Perfect Huskies need more fan support on Montlake

We start with the biggest surprise of the last few weeks – the Husky men’s basketball team, a perfect 10-and-0, with two wins against top-25 teams, and five wins against teams in the RPI Top 60.

So yes, they HAVE played some decent teams.

It’s been four years since the Dawgs reached the NCAA Tournament, and this April, we raised the question about Lorenzo Romar’s future on Montlake if they missed the Big Dance again this year. I’ll be the first to say that this early-season success has muted that discussion, and given the Huskies a solid
non-conference resume, come tournament time in March.

But the program itself needs a major shot in the arm - and that’s why we’re highlighting them here.

To put it in perspective – the Husky women’s volleyball team drew a crowd of more than 86-hundred fans for a match last month. That’s about 25-hundred more than the LARGEST crowd at a Husky men’s basketball game this year.

Lorenzo Romar’s team is showing that it deserves to play in front of more than just a half-capacity crowd at home. The Dawg Pack needs a major shot in the arm, and until now, there hasn’t been a decent buzz around the team in about five years. Romar has never started a season 12-and-0. If you show up tomorrow night at next Sunday, you might be able to witness that feat for the very first time.

Sure, the Pac-12 schedule leaves many questions to be answered. But that starts January 2nd.

Don’t wait until the Seahawks season is over to give the Dawgs some attention.

They deserve a little better than that.