Commentary: Russell Wilson’s 'Ignore The Noise' motto can work for 12s too

So, here’s what I’m most proud of: Amidst all the media reports, all the potential distractions, Russell Wilson followed his own advice. He and the Seahawks ignored the noise when it mattered the most, and won today’s game.

As fans, we should all do the same.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last week and a half has felt like an ongoing episode of TMZ. The Percy Harvin trade immediately spurred a domino effect of “team sources say this” and “players say that.” From juicy headlines we might as well see on the covers of tabloids about potential locker room discord....From “Russell Wilson’s not black enough” (whatever that means...) to “Russell Wilson’s in too many commercials” to “Percy punched Golden” to “Percy punched Doug” to “Marshawn Lynch’s future in Seattle is unclear.”

Tonight, as we sit back and take it all in – shouldn’t we all fire back: “Who cares? They found a way to win. And that’s all that matters.”

I don’t care if Harvin got into a fight with Golden Tate the week of the Super Bowl, because they won the whole thing, and that was priority number one.

And as long as Marshawn Lynch is doing his job on the field, what is the immediate need to worry about whether he’s here next year? There is none right now.

I’m more concerned about injuries and turnover ratio, and how they effect wins and losses – not about "sexy" headlines involving possible internal strife, reported by unnamed sources. And frankly, I have zero concern for the locker room dynamic unless it truly plays a role in the team’s performance. As far as I can tell, it didn’t play a role earlier today, especially during the game-winning drive.

In fact, the only somewhat-juicy headline that’s mattered to me are reports that Harvin refused to play in crunch time against the Cowboys, because that’s more than enough justification for his eventual release from the team.

We all know that when you’re on top – people always try to bring you down.

The Seahawks can best put up a united front by ignoring the noise – and continuing to win.

And for us 12s, I don’t believe most of the stuff behind the curtain means a thing, stemming from unnecessary and irrelevant hearsay.

We can all stand united by ignoring the noise too.