Commentary: Seattle, this is the Fall we've all been waiting for

This is a great night – a great weekend – not to mention a great upcoming week and month for local sports fans.

The Huskies? Undefeated. The Cougs? Undefeated in Pac-12 play. The Seahawks? In first place. The Sounders? Now in the Western Conference Finals.

For November, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The best part is, we now know that either Washington or Washington State will be playing for a Pac-12 Championship on December 2nd. Regardless of what happens the next three weeks, one of those two schools will have a chance at a conference title – and there’s a strong probability that Apple Cup will determine who goes to that game.

Yes, one side will ultimately be disappointed. But from a neutral standpoint, how refreshing is it that after years of futility and average play from both schools, the spotlight is right here? The Dawgs, a top-four team that could legitimately go undefeated and play for a national title. The Cougs, now 7-0 after this memorable rant in September.

(Leach Speech)

Hey, whatever works. I mean, the Cougs scored 69 points yesterday. For reference, in 2008, they scored 77 TOTAL points in nine conference games!

Meanwhile, that same year, the Huskies scored 111 points in conference games. This year, they’ve scored 287 in six Pac-12 games – and Chris Petersen is still fired up on the sidelines when they’re up by 36 points and make a mistake. Talk about demanding excellence, regardless of the situation – and the results under Petersen this season speak for themselves.

We’ve been waiting for the college teams to catch up to the Seahawks. And they’ve now done it with the Hawks still in their prime, leading the NFC West.

Just think about the next week: the Seahawks on Monday Night Football tomorrow. ESPN College Gameday coming to town for a huge Huskies game next Saturday. The Seahawks again in prime time in a Super Bowl 49 rematch in New England next Sunday. You want attention, Seattle? You got it – for all the right reasons.

And even though we have to wait a couple weeks for the start of the MLS Western Conference Finals, we can’t let all the local football success overshadow the incredible story of the Sounders this year: From close to worst in the league… to a coaching change…. and now a chance to reach the MLS Cup for the first time in franchise history, under now-full-time head coach Brian Schmetzer.

It’s a story worthy of a Hollywood film. Wonder if their ownership knows anyone who can make that happen….

So, what I’m saying is: Combine the Seahawks, the Huskies, the Cougs and Sounders….well, not all is bad with the world.

Wake up on Wednesday morning – and there’s still hope. At least there is, as a sports fan in Seattle.