Back to School: Avoiding the homework hassle

SEATTLE -- The first day of school for kids in the Seattle School District is just about a week away. Its crunch time for students and parents as we get back into the swing of things, especially when it comes to homework time.

Experts say it’s all about your attitude, the attitude of the student and the attitude of the parent.

Nearly 60 percent of parents say they fight with their kids when it comes to homework.

So how can you avoid the homework hassle?

Here are a few tips:
Get the kids involved. Where do they like to do homework?

Set up a designated homework space.

Take away the distractions. No TVS and no cellphones.

Maybe try the local library or the school library. Use that quiet space as a place to do homework.

Also, parents need to be engaged in the process but are not there to complete the homework.

Remember that each kid is different and learns different.

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